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CS4962 Software Design Laboratory II
Spring 2022


CS 4962 Deliverables and Deadlines

Senior Design Expo on Thursday 5/5

  • Update project title and description, and upload project poster to your project page on CSNS by Friday 4/22. College needs these information to create a brochure and poster boards for the expo.
  • Create a recorded presentation and post the link to your project page on CSNS by Friday 4/29. For this you can simply record your presentation rehearsal using Zoom.

Project Deliverables by Friday 5/13

  • Code and project report
  • Software Requirements Document (SRD) if there's any change to the draft submitted last semester
  • Software Design Document (SDD)

Please upload these to your project page on CSNS (i.e. not under assignments).

Teamwork Rubric Evaluation by Friday 5/13

This one is an assignment on CSNS. Please only evaluate your team members.


Senior Design Expo will be held on Thursday May 5th in Los Angeles Rooms (A, B, C) and Alhambra Room on the third floor of University-Student Union Building (see floorplan here).

9:00-9:35AM Opening

The opening will be held in the Los Angeles room without dividers. Teams assigned to Alhambra room shall be present in the LA room during the opening, and go back to the Alhambra room for presentations after the opening.

9:35-10:00AM Exit and Divider Up

Everyone should exit the LA room after the opening. Staff will put up the dividers to divide the LA room into LA rooms A, B, and C. Teams then go to their assigned rooms and start presentation sessions.

10:00AM-Noon Presentations

Presentations will be conducted in 4 parallel sessions. Each team has up to 25 minutes for presentation, plus 2 minutes for Q&A and 3 minutes for transition.

  Session 1 (LA A) Session 2 (LA B) Session 3 (LA C) Session 4 (Alhambra)
10:00-10:30 Artificial Intelligence and Data Science for Air Pollution Prediction and Visualization Document Tag Parser & Integration Immersive Storytelling with Engaging Physical Actions Satellite Anomaly Injection & Detection (SAID) Testbed
10:30-11:00 Artificial Intelligence and Data Science for Climate Change Management
with Focus on Drought and Wildfire in California
Power BI Data Analytics Dashboard Operationalize Networked Collaboration Features for Moon Trek Telescope AR
11:00-11:30 Comorbidity and its Impact on Patients with COVID-19 BOE Sidewalk Monitoring System Exam File Manager The ArQive: LGBTQ Storytelilng App - Expanding Mobile and Gamification
11:30-12:00 Image Analysis and Geometry Reconstruction Azure Cloud Database Migration & LACPD New Hire Enrollment Process Web Application RoboSub Want 2 Remember

Noon-1PM Lunch, Poster, Interaction with Students

Everyone will pick up a boxed lunch and eat lunch outdoor (ECST courtyard or any other outdoor space). The college will set up as many tables as possible in the ECST courtyard, but unfortunately, there won't be any designated tables for teams. Posters will be set up in the ECST courtyard. People can check posters while/after their lunch.

  • Introduction Video Quiz, Due: Friday, February 04
  • Timed Writing Test, Due: Friday, April 08
  • Video 2 Quiz: Technical Communication, Due: Friday, February 18
  • Video 3 Quiz: Ethics and Technical Communication , Due: Friday, March 04
  • Video 4 Quiz: Putting it All Together, Due: Monday, March 21