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Spring and Hibernate From Scratch

In this guide I will describe the process to create a Spring and Hibernate web application from scratch - or actually, almost from scratch as we will start with a simple Maven project created using Eclipse.

We will use a sample project called springmvc to illustrate the process. The project name will appear in various configuration files, and needless to say you should change it to the name of your project. The software we will be using is Eclipse for Enterprise Java Developers. We assume that the application server is Tomcat 8.5 (or anything supports Servlet 3.1 Specification), which require JDK 1.7 or above. The DBMS used is MySQL (or anything supported by Hibernate). We will divide the process into several steps: we first create a Maven web project, then add Spring MVC, Hibernate, and then Spring Security.

1. Maven Web Application

2. Spring MVC

3. MySQL and Hibernate

4. Spring Security

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