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Import and Merge with Subclipse

This tutorial describes the import and and the merge operation in Subversion using the Eclipse plugin Subclipse. It is intended as a complement to the CS520 lecture on version control using Subversion. Readers of this tutorial should be already familiar with the basic concepts of version control such as repository and working copy, and know how to perform common operations in Subversion such as checkout, commit, update, branching, and tagging.

Throughout the tutorial we will use a hypothetical group project called hello as example. There are two members in the project: Student A and Student B. One of the students is the project leader and is responsible
for the initial import of the project into a Subversion repository. After that both students will work on separate branches and share changes back and forth. Since repository administration is outside the scope of this tutorial, we will assume that an empty Subversion repository is already created for the project.

1. Import

2. Merge

3. Resources

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