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Access CS5220 Code Examples

The code examples discussed during the lectures are available in Git repositories hosted on GitHub.

Examples Git Repository URL Notes
Servlet and JSP Review [1]
Pizzas (Short Servlet and JSP Review) [1]
Build Examples [2]
Hibernate and JPA Examples [1]
Spring Examples [1]
Spring and Hibernate from Scratch [1]
Spring MVC Examples (the class-examples branch) [1]
Security Examples [1]
CSNS2 [3]


1. To import the project into Eclipse, first clone the project into a local Git repository, then in Eclipse, use File -> Import ... -> Maven -> Existing Maven Projects to import the project into Eclipse.

2. Contain three separate examples, and require GNU Make, Ant, and Maven, respectively, to run each example.

3. Import the project into Eclipse as described in [1]. Copy to, and modify the values in to match your local setup. Run src/main/scripts/csns-create.sqlto create the database, then src/main/scripts/csns-test-insert.sql to insert some test data. You can check out this video to see how to run CSNS2 using Eclipse.

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