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Access CS520 Code Examples

The code examples discussed during the lectures are available through Subversion, an Open Source version control system designed to be the successor of CVS. If you use Subclipse (a Subversion plugin for Eclipse), you can add svn:// as a new repository location in the SVN Repository Exploring perspective.

Examples Subversion URL Notes
Java Annotation svn:// [1]
Servlet and JSP Review svn:// [1]
Pizzas (Short Servlet and JSP Review) svn:// [1]
Hibernate Examples svn:// [1]
Spring Examples svn:// [1]
Log4j Examples svn:// [1]
Testing Examples svn:// [1]
File Upload Examples svn:// [1]
Email Examples svn:// [1]
I18N Examples svn:// [1]
Ajax Examples svn:// [1]
Full Text Search Examples svn:// [1]
Security Examples svn:// [1]
Web Service Examples svn:// [1]
RESTful Web Service Examples svn:// [1]
Spring and Hibernate from Scratch svn:// [1]
Spring MVC Examples svn:// [1]
CSNS2 svn:// [2]


1. Check out as a Maven Project. In Eclipse, select New -> Project... -> Check Out Maven Projects from SCM. Note that the web projects require Tomcat 7 / Servlet 3.

2. Check out as a Maven Project. Copy to, and modify the values in to match your local setup.

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