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Use Eclipse for SimpleDB Development

This guide will walk you through the steps to set up SimpleDB as a project under Eclipse so later you can add, modify, and test SimpleDB code as required in the homework assignments.

Please download the repackaged SimpleDB source code. The original SimpleDB package is available from the author's website, but I strongly recommend that you use the repackaged version because I made several changes to make it easier to compile and easier to run. In particular:

  • Removed all .DS_Store files.
  • Moved /simpledb to /src/simpledb
  • Removed the client code for Derby.
  • Moved the SimpleDB client code to the simpledb.client package.
  • Modified the class simpledb.server.Startup to use a default database name "StudentDB" if one is not given in the command line arguments.
  • Removed /.settings, and replaced .project and .classpath so the project uses default Eclipse settings.

After you download the repackaged SimpleDB source code, in Eclipse, select File -> Import ... -> Existing Projects into Workspace. Choose Select archive file, select the zip file you downloaded, then click Finish. Now simpledb should appear in Eclipse as a Java Project, which you can compile and run just like any other Java project.

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