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2.1 Users and Roles

CSNS stores the following information for a user:

  • Account information, including username, password, account creation date, and whether the account is disabled. If an account is disabled, the user cannot log on to the system.
  • Contact information, including last name, first name, middle name, CIN, primary and secondary email addresses, US mailing address - street, city, state, and zip code, and primary and secondary phone numbers.
  • Demographic information, including birthday and gender.
  • Academic information, including the grades for assignments and classes, academic standings, and advisment records.

Each user in CSNS is associated with one or more roles. Roles are used to determined whether a user is authorized to access certain resources. For instance, only users with ROLE_ADMIN or ROLE_FACULTY may perform user management tasks. Table 2.1.1 shows the roles in CSNS.

ROLE_GUEST This role is for anonymous users, i.e. user who are not logged on to the system.
ROLE_USER All the registered users have this role.
ROLE_STUDENT Users who have this role can access the student's interface.
ROLE_INSTRUCTOR Users who have this role can access the instructor's interface to add classes, create assignments, and so on.
ROLE_FACULTY This role is used to distinguish between full-time and part-time faculty. All faculty have ROLE_INSTRUCTOR, but only full-time faculty have ROLE_FACULTY, which allows them to access data and functions that are not available to the part-time faculty.
ROLE_ADMIN This role is for system administrators.
ROLE_PROGRAM_REVIEWER This role is for program reviewers. Users who have this role can access program assessment data and documents.
ROLE_NEWUSER This is a special role for first-time users. Users who have this role will be asked to fill out a registration form when they log on to the system. After the registration is completed, this role will be automatically replaced by ROLE_USER.

Table 2.1.1 Roles in CSNS

It should be noted that a user may have multiple roles. In fact, most users in the system do have muliple roles. In particular,

  • A student should have ROLE_USER and ROLE_STUDENT.
  • A part-time faculty should have ROLE_USER, ROLE_STUDENT, and ROLE_INSTRUCTOR.
  • A full-time faculty should have ROLE_USER, ROLE_STUDENT, ROLE_INSTRUCTOR, and ROLE_FACULTY.

When a user has muliple roles, one of those roles is designated as the primary role, which is used to determine the default home page of the user, as shown in Table 2.1.2.

Primary Role
Default Home Page
ROLE_STUDENT /student/home.html
ROLE_INSTRUCOTR /instructor/home.html
ROLE_ADMIN /admin/viewSections.html
ROLE_PROGRAM_REVIEWER /wiki/content/assessment/
ROLE_NEWUSER /register.html
Other /index.html

Table 2.1.2 Default Home Pages

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