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CS3220 Web and Internet Programming
Spring 2020
Lectures Tuesday and Thursday 4:30pm - 5:20pm on Zoom
Labs Tuesday and Thursday 5:30pm - 6:45pm on Zoom
Instructor Chengyu Sun,
Office Hours TTh 10:30am-noon on Zoom
Teaching Assistant Chunhui Guo, Office Hours: MW 1:30-3pm on Zoom


Final will be on Thursday 5/14 from 2:30pm to 4:30pm. The format will be the same as the midterm.


Midterm will be on Thursday 4/9 from 4:30pm to 6:30pm. It'll be an open-book exam similar to a programming lab where you will be asked to implement a web application and deploy it to CS3.

We will have a long lab on Tuesday 4/7. The lab will start at 4:30pm, and the lab exercise will be one of the midterms from the past so you'll see what you can expect in the midterm.


TA's Online Office Hours Zoom Link:


The University President announced yesterday that all classes on Monday 3/16 to Thursday 3/19 will be canceled, and after that, all classes will be moved to online until 4/24.

Our class schedule will be shifted for one week due the class cancellation. This means that a) the midterm will be in the week after Spring Break (and it'll be a take-home exam), and b) we will drop some planned coverage on AJAX/REST, which won't be in the final anyway.

As for the format for the online classes, I will announce the details later by email. The short version is that we will still do everything (i.e. lectures, labs, and office hours) on regular schedule, except that we will do it via Zoom instead of face-to-face.

(If you didn't receive the president's announcement, please check your CSULA email account.)


The first General Meeting of the ACM Student Chapter will be on Tuesday, January 28th from 3-4:30pm in Fine Arts 347. Their website is at

  • Final, Due: Thursday, May 14
  • Homework 1, Due: Friday, March 13
  • Homework 2, Due: Tuesday, April 07
  • Homework 3, Due: Friday, May 08
  • Homework 4 (Extra Credit), Due: Friday, May 08
  • Lab 1. Use of CS3 and CSNS, Due: Tuesday, January 21
  • Lab 10. More Servlets, Due: Tuesday, February 25
  • Lab 11. File Upload and Download, Due: Tuesday, March 03
  • Lab 12. Login and Logout, Due: Thursday, March 05
  • Lab 13. Properties, Due: Tuesday, March 10
  • Lab 14. Expression Language and MVC, Due: Thursday, March 12
  • Lab 15. JSTL and MVC, Due: Tuesday, March 24
  • Lab 16. Custom Tag Library, Due: Thursday, March 26
  • Lab 17. MVC, Due: Tuesday, April 07
  • Lab 18. Using MySQL, Due: Thursday, April 16
  • Lab 19. SQL, Due: Tuesday, April 21
  • Lab 2. HTML Basics, Due: Thursday, January 23
  • Lab 20. MVC with JDBC, Due: Tuesday, April 28
  • Lab 21. jQuery Basics (Extra Credit), Due: Thursday, April 30
  • Lab 3. HTML Tables and Forms, Due: Tuesday, January 28
  • Lab 4. CSS Basics, Due: Thursday, January 30
  • Lab 5. More CSS, Due: Tuesday, February 04
  • Lab 6. Page Layout with CSS, Due: Thursday, February 06
  • Lab 7. Introduction to Bootstrap, Due: Thursday, February 13
  • Lab 8. Setting Up Development Environment, Due: Tuesday, February 18
  • Lab 9. Servlets, Due: Thursday, February 20
  • Midterm, Due: Thursday, April 09