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The server supports remote access through SecureShell (SSH). To logon to the server, you need to use an SSH client such as PuTTY.  For file transfer, use WinSCP or FileZilla or other software that supports the SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP). Note that Telnet and FTP are NOT supported.

  CS120 CS122 CS320 CS422 CS491/496 CS520 CS522
Apache 2 / PHP 5
Tomcat 7
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PostgreSQL 8
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Once you log on to the server, you will see a public_html directory under your home directory. You may place your HTML and PHP files under this directory, and access them using the URL<username>/filename. Note that you should replace <username> with your actual login name on the server.


Once you log on to the server, you will see a www directory under your home directory. Under www, the following directories are created for you (the directory names are case sensitive):

Directory Description
WEB-INF/classes for servlets and other Java classes.
WEB-INF/lib for libraries packaged in jar files.

You may place your web.xml file, servlet class files and JSP files in the proper subdirectories, and access them using the following URLs:

  • For servlets:<username>/ServletName
  • For JSPs:<username>/JSPName.jsp

Note that you should replace <username> with your actual login name on the server, and the ServletName depends the <servlet-mapping> settings in your web.xml file, i.e. it's not necessarily the name of the servlet class.


To access the MySQL database, you may log on the CS3 server, and use the command line client mysql. The general syntax for mysql is

mysql -h hostname -D dbname -u username -p

e.g. mysql -h -D cs320stu31 -u cs320stu31. Note that the database name is the same as the user name, and if you are already logged on to the CS3 server, you may omit the -h, -D, and -u options and simply use

mysql -p

If you prefer a GUI client, you may use MySQL Workbench. Note that you do not have to have administrator privilege to install MySQL Workbench, you can download the zip package, unzip it, then run the program MySQLWorkbench.exe.

In MySQL Workbench, use the following for the database connection:

  • Hostname:
  • Port: 3306
  • Username: your login name on CS3
  • Password: your password on CS3
  • Default Schema: same as the username

And finally, you can also use phpMyAdmin to access your MySQL database. phpMyAdmin is a web application, so no additional software installation is required. Simply point your browser to, enter your username and password, and that's it.


Similar to accessing MySQL, you can use three client tools to access a PostgreSQL database:

Both psql and pgAdmin are included in the PostgreSQL distribution. For phpPgAdmin, the URL to access the PostgreSQL databases on CS3 is Note that in any case, the name of your database on CS3 is the same as your login name.


You may access your Subversion repository using a Subversion client, e.g. the command line client svn or the Eclipse plugin Subclipse, at the following URL:


For example, if you are taking CS520 in Spring 2007, and the username of your account is cs520stu31, the URL for your repository is svn://

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