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Spring 2023 Admission - Important information to New Graduate Students:

In an effort to better assist you during your upcoming Spring 2023 registration, complete the survey below as accurately as possible by ASAP.

Based on your response, we will try to determine an individualized schedule for each one of you for the upcoming Spring 2023 semester.

  1. What is your CIN (Identification Number issued by Cal State LA)

  2. What is your name

  3. What is your email address

  4. For conditional admission, indicate the assigned prerequisite courses in your Admission Letter. You may have UP TO 3 of these courses that you should complete in the first semester. 

    If your admission letter does not include any admission conditions with these courses, you are fully admitted. Thus, select "None".


    CS 3035 Programming Language Paradigms
    CS 3112 Analysis of Algorithms
    CS 3220 Web and Internet Programming
    CS 3337 Software Engineering
    CS 3186 Theory of Computing
    CS 4440 Operating Systems
  5. Write possible choices of courses for your first term.

    CS MS requirements are indicate here. 

    Schedule of Classes

    Course Descriptions

    Plan 3 courses that you want to register for. If there are any of the CS3000 courses indicated in the previous question, list them here. In addition, select a few other courses from the schedule.

    (Note some CS4000 level courses will be required as prerequisites before you take the CS5000 level courses. So completing that CS4000 level course in your first term will allow you to register for CS 5000 level in a subsequent semester.)

  6. Specify below any questions you have. We can clarify it to the entire group of students during the session or discuss with you one on one.