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  Capstone Senior Project: Proposal Submission Form

Computer Science Department

College of Engineering, Computer Science, and Technolgy


  1. Sponsor Information: Company Name

  2. Sponsor Information: Contact Person (name)

  3. Sponsor Information: Contact Person (email)

  4. Sponsor Information: Contact Person (phone)

  5. Project Information

    Please enter a brief description of the prospective project including 

    • Project Title
    • Scope of Work
    • Most Relevant CS Areas to the Project (e.g. AI, Data Science, Image Processing, Game Development, Network, Mobile App) 
    • Estimated Deliverables (e.g. prototype, report)
    • Estimated Sponsorship/Support (e.g. funding amount, equipment)

    * If your company has more than one project, please submit another proposal. 

  6. Other Considerations

    Mark all that apply.

    Suitable for Sponsors' Remote Participation
    Suitable for Students' Remote Participation
    Require citizenship (specify details in the "Comments")
    Require to use special software (specify details in the "Comments")
    Require hardware assembly(specify details in the "Comments")

    Please leave any comments that would help the department to understand the project better.