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Pelvic Image Analysis and Geometry Reconstruction using Artificial Intelligence
Sponsored by Dr. Mathias Brieu (Biomedical)
Nicol Barrios, Ralph Belleca, Ted Kim, Silvano Medina, Robin Mok, Alejandra Olvera, Demetrius Parker, Sabino Ramirez, Mary Semerdjian, Jason Tejada
Advisor: Negin Forouzesh


Medical imaging is a technique of producing images of the human body. It plays an essential role in allowing medical professionals to provide accurate information about a patients anatomy, especially when dealing with tumors. The output image, i.e., MRI image is processed to be more beneficial to medical doctors using image segmentation and 3D model construction. Although image segmentation has been through phases of improvement over the last decade, this procedure of segmenting images and creating 3-D models of specific organs can be prolonged and repetitive. 


The overarching goal of this research project is to streamline the process of converting MRI images of pelvic organs into 3-D model objects. The project was separated into two learning stages: understanding basic 3-D model construction and the creation of an AI model. ​

The goal for the Fall 2021 semester was to learn the basics of 3-D modeling using 3D Slicer, 3-D visualization software, and experimenting with Nvidia AIAA, an API (application programming interface) that allows users to conveniently create 3-D model objects using trained data to automate it. With the results obtained in the previous semester, the Spring 2022 semester focused on creating our own AI model trained using our own data– which are MRI images of pelvic organs.  

Current Progress:

The team is currently in the process of training their own AI model using Clara Train SDK, a framework used by Nvidia in training their AI models for different organs.

Name Role Email
Dr. Mathias Brieu Client
Dr. Negin Forouzesh Advisor



Name Role Email
Ralph Belleca Project Lead, Front-End
Nicol Barrios Back-end Lead
Ted Kim Back-end
Silvano Medina Documentation Lead, Back-end
Robin Mok Front-end
Alejandra Olvera Front-end
Demetrius Parker Back-end
Sabino Ramirez Front-end
Mary Semerdjian Front-end Lead
Jason Tejada Customer Liaison, Back-end


Fall 2021 Software Design Document DOCX
Fall 2021 Software Design Document PDF
Spring 2022 Software Design Document DOCX
Spring 2022 Software Design Document PDF
Fall 2021 Software Requirements Document DOCX
Fall 2021 Software Requirements Document PDF
Spring 2022 Software Requirements Document DOCX
Spring 2022 Software Requirements Document PDF
Fall 2021 Presentation Slides PPT
Fall 2021 Presentation Slides PDF
Spring 2022 Presentation Slides PPT
Spring 2022 Presentation Slides PDF
Fall 2021 Video Demo
Spring 2022 Video Demo
Senior Design Expo Poster
Final Project Report
Final Presentation Recording