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Open Source Real-Time Video Player
Sponsored by AT&T
Mirasol Davila, Tim Ellis, Brian Hernandez De Leon, Ashley Jetty, Wendy Joya, Israel Lopez-Diaz, Jeffrey Luu, David Melendez, Rafael Mendoza
Advisor: Negin Forouzesh
Liaison: Steve Dulac


The 2020-2021 CSULA Computer Science Senior Design team is working with the AT&T liaisons to create a Network PIS Video Emulator. We are building on top of the open-source Github Hls.js video player. Hls.js is a web application that streams videos while providing a lot of useful real-time metrics and graphs about the video streaming playback. In order to further improve the features provided by HLS.js, we were given the task to implement a network throttling feature to throttle our bandwidth to any desired network conditions such as, 3G, 4G, 4G LTE, Slow Wifi, Fast Wifi, etc. We are also adding more metrics and graphs to display the video start time, rebuffering ratio, average bitrate, and the bandwidth conditions. Lastly, we were given the task to allow users to download an excel sheet containing all the information about the video playback for research purposes. Our proposed goal also included making our software available on Safari and Chrome, and for it to support HLS and DASH video files. By adding these features and metrics, companies that offer video streaming services can benefit from this software in order to collect valuable research and find new ways to improve their video streaming services. 


Roles: Members: Contact Information:
Faculty Advisor Negin Forouzesh
AT&T Liaison Manuel Briand  
AT&T Liaison Peshala Pahalawatta  
AT&T Liaison Ross Castillo  
AT&T Liaison Shamik Maitra  
Project Leader Brian Hernandez
Customer Liaison and Quality Assurance Mirasol Davila
Documentation Lead Wendy Joya
Software Engineer Ashley Jetty
Software Engineer Rafael Mendoza
Software Engineer David Melendez
Software Engineer Israel Lopez-Diaz
Software Engineer Tim Ellis
Software Engineer Jeffrey Luu


Fall 2020 Presentation Slides
Software Requirements Specifications
Software Design Document
[Private Resource] Source Code
Software Requirements Document Final Draft
Software Design Document Final Draft