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Online Application for Street and Highway Pavements Design (City Pave)
Sponsored by Department of Civil Engineering, CSULA
Allen Atienza, Bryan Chu, Christian Esqueda, Adrian Flores, Andrew Gonzalez, Omar Juarez, Mark Kalaiji, Justin Nim, Christopher Ortega, Kayleen Ponce
Advisor: Negin Forouzesh

City Pave


The program that is being created is a Web Application called City Pave that deals with doing calculations for pavement design/structures. This program will be able to calculate and store information on a server and be able to be accessed remotely through the internet. This programs will also be intuitive and easy to use for all type of users. This is established by how the program validates the information that the users has inputted/selected allowing the program to do all the calculations while the users wait for the calculations.

CS Area:


The major deliverable will be a working version of the online app (with mobile compatibility) including all the features. A data-driven design module can be added to the deliverables based on the progress of the team. 



The table below are our Liason/Advisor

Title Name Email
Liason Dr. Mehran Mazari
Advisor Dr. Negin Forouzesh

Team Members:

The table bellow are all the students who worked on the project

Title Name Email Linkedin
Allen Atienza Back-End

Bryan Chu Front-End
Christian Esqueda Back-End
Adrian Flores Front-End
Andrew Gonzalez Front-End
Omar Juarez Back-End
Mark Kalaiji Customer Liaison
Justin Nim

QA & Documentation Lead
Christopher Ortega Back-End
Kayleen Ponce Project Lead

Semester Objectives:


Website Observation
Determine Pavement Structures Flow Chart basic website layout
Fall presentation
Software Design Document
Software Requirement Document
Project diagram indepth
Spring Presentation
Database parameters
[Private Resource] Software Files
Project Report Final