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FEWW - Game Development
Sponsored by College of ECST and IA (Institute for Interactive Arts, Research, and Technology)
Adan Constanzo, Patrick Hanna, MingYang Liu, Erik Sorto
Advisor: Elaine Kang

This is an interdisciplinary game development project that implements a fully designed game named "The FEWW".

The game is a single player RPG where players play as characters defined by one of four elements/races within the game. The four elements and towns are: Earth - town of Enthral, Water - town of Wulopa, Fire - town of Furburkan, and Wind - town of Whisivil. These characters live in a Sci fi/Fantasy dystopia during the beginnings of a revolution. Each of the four characters show a different perspective on this revolution and the player gets to choose at the end weather they join the revolution or resist it, but there is a catch. The player doesn't get to choose which character story they will follow and each character has a locked level of difficultly and will face different challenge and discrimination on their journeys. Let the stars decide as we take you into the world of Colelystal and open your eyes to what discrimination really feels like.

The Goal with this project is to not only create an interesting and engaging player narrative, but to also discuss systematic racism, classicism, the prison for profit system and many other issues facing our world today. With this game we will be able to have players consider these issues as many marginalized people do by putting them in those situations.

Fall presentation
Game Design Document
Spring Presentation
The FEWW Poster
Project Report
The FEWW Code
Game Trailer