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Planetary surface flyover movie generator
Sponsored by JPL
Shawn Anderson, Fidel Izquierdo Jr, Angel Jimenez, Khang Lam, Christopher Omlor, Hieu Phan
Advisor: Richard Cross, Elaine Kang
Develop an application that would enable the generation of user-defined flyover movies from the planetary Trek portals (, ).  Application would allow users to specify a series of points on a designated path. Each point would contain information for lat, lon, elevation, roll, pitch, yaw, camera viewing angle, and data layer being displayed. Application would then read the list of data points, generate a series of visualizations interpolating between the points, and converting the series of stills to a movie.
Project Leaders: Shawn Anderson and Christopher J. Omlor
Communication Leader: Christopher J. Omlor
Documentation Leader: Angel Jimenez
Meeting Minutes week 1-12
Software Requirements Document
Software Design Specification
Fall Presentation
Poster PDF
[Private Resource] Poster PPT
Senior Design Expo Presentation
Final Report
Project Code Files