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Sponsored by JPL
Abdias Andres, Rowan Edge, Mariah Martinez, Gregory Miles, Adrian Rendon, Kevin Tu
Advisor: Elaine Kang, Yuqing Zhu
Liaison: Emily Law

Currently LMMP allows download of its data-sets at full resolution. Individual files can be 100s of Gigabytes. In the next few years - these will be terabytes, Develop a system which allows us to deliver large data sets to users around the world. Users could specify a destination (and appropriate authentication etc ) to allow the system to deliver data to their requested area.  Rate limit should be specifiable. Continuation from interrupted downloads.  REST API for meta-data of files via Elasticsearch.


Team Lead: Mariah Martinez

Architecture lead: Rowan Edge

Customer interaction lead: Gregory Miles

Documentation lead: Mariah Martinez

Presentation and demo lead: Kevin Tu

QA lead: Adrian Rendon, Abdias Andres

UX lead: Abdias Andres, Adrian Rendon

Project Poster PDF
Project Poster PPT
Project Requirments Document
Final Documentation
Final Presentation
Video Presentation (00:37)