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Salient Feature Detection from Planetary Images
Sponsored by JPL
Adam Berman, Kevin Casado, Benjamin Evans, Lineli Hairapetian, Bruno Recillas, Andy Tong
Advisor: Natalie Gallegos, Elaine Kang, Saman Saeedi
Liaison: Emily Law

The project aims to develop a program that allows a user to choose a planet of interest (the Moon or the Mars), highlight a region on the planet, and explore the selected region by examining detected features such as craters and rocks.  An application downloads a set of planetary images. The images are taken at varying aspect angles with various illumination angles.The application will detect craters and/or rocks in the images.

- For each crater, an estimate is made of the shape of the crater, it's size, depth. Again multiple images taken at different illumination angles should be used in the detection. Output should include a shapefile.

- For each rock an estimate is made of its geolocation and an estimate of its dimensions. The algorithm can take advantage of multiple images from different orbits as well as the stereo pairs available from the NAC camera.


Team Lead:Benjamin Evans/Lineli Hairapetian

Architecture lead: Kevin Casado

Customer interaction lead: Lineli Hairapetian

Documentation lead: Adam Berman

Presentation and demo lead: Andy Tong

QA lead: Adam Berman

UX lead: Bruno Recillas

MIPFD - Software Requirements
CS496B - Design Specification Document
CS496C - Project Presentation Final (pptx)
CS496C - Project Report Final (docx)
CS496C - Project Poster
Project Source Code