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Covert Protocol
Sponsored by Microsoft
Yash Ahuja, Ryan Cram, Neil Hoggatt, Peter Trang
Advisor: Elaine Kang, Gabor Kondas

Covert Protocol is a real-time, squad-based, tactical, side-scroller in which the player will take control of group of miscreants and outsiders known as the Members of Blacklist who, with the help of a mysterious Informant, seek to overthrow a tyrannical government. 

In order to successfully play the game the player will utilize the various abilities of the squad members. With the Hacker, the player will be able hack mechanical enemies, and thus gain strategic advantages in combat, or hack parts of the environment (including doors and traps) to bypass an encounter altogether. With the Medic, the player will be able to heal their squad members, mitigating damage and preventing squad members from dying, making the combat more manageable.  With the Scout, the player will be able to sneak past enemies to activate traps and disable defenses, giving an alternative to charging through a level guns blazing. With the Soldier, the player will be able to force their way forward by utilizing the soldier’s high damage output coupled with his ability to shield his allies/himself, increasing everyones survivability. The greatest challenge will not be using the abilities of a single squad member, but rather it will be combining the abilities of each squad member to overcome obstacles and achieve the victory condition of a given level.

The game is broken down into multiple levels. Each level consists of a building and/or series of rooms, objectives (the goal of the level), enemies/trap/obstacles (which impede level completion), an aesthetic (the visuals that help define the environment of the level), and the area exit(s). The area exit is where the player will go after they complete the final objective of a level. Reaching the exit can be an objective in itself. Some areas have multiple exit points, and it is up to the player to decide on the route to take. Each route has a unique outcome and a unique set of challenges/objectives.The standard gameplay is further enhanced by the HUD and other interface elements.

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