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SlingShot Flight
Jason Higuchi
Advisor: Elaine Kang

The Integrated Training Pipeline for Scientific Visualization (SciVi) is an NSF funded project at Cal State LA in association with JPL which collaborates with students and faculty to create scientifically accurate visualizations of the Universe and the physical laws that govern it. Slingshot Flight is one of these projects specifically created to scientifically demonstrate the physical laws governing simple planetary motion and the complexity of simple orbital changes by means of user interaction with a simulation space ship.

This specific project, Slingshot Flight, is a space simulator game, specifically a simulator of simple two-body orbits governed by Kepler’s laws. The reason it was created was for the purpose of educating the ordinary, non-astrophysics educated persons about the general motion of the planets and the effects of impulse driven orbital changes that are most commonly associated with that of present spaceships and artificial satellites. Plus, the general lack of such simple information/education-driven games dealing with astrophysics is quite small.

Project Documentation
Project Presentation (Slides)
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