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Posted 11:52 Nov 19, 2021 |

Hello Computer Science Department!

I am reaching out to share a bit more about the work that our team does and if it would be helpful to CSULA's engineering student+alumni community. All Hands is a free service for US-based candidates that helps connect people with careers in progressive political tech, social impact, advocacy, and campaigning organizations. We currently have 1,200+ roles ranging in engineering, product, data, digital, data, operations, and paid media. Where there's mutual interest, we facilitate introductions and all of our candidates who join All Hands will have access to our Cultivate Community Slack. Our team's goal is truly to help folx, especially those who want to work in the progressive, social impact spaces!


I wanted to ask if this is a resource that you could share with the student + alumni community and if so, I'd be happy to provide further information. I'd be happy to address any questions/concerns so please don't hesitate to let me know. Thank you and I look forward to chatting!



Sophia + Cultivate Team



Sophia Hain


Talent Acquisition Manager | Cultivate

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