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Posted 16:27 Mar 01, 2020 |

Keenan, in homework 5 are we mean to implement any type if user/ scanner input at all for this?

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Posted 18:45 Mar 01, 2020 |

The Main Class:

  • Place this class in the hw05 package.
  • In your main class, create a Quiz with at least 10 questions.  5 questions must be fill in the blank, and 5 must be multiple choice.  Provide a menu system to allow the user to take your quiz. 
  • For a multiple choice question, the user will enter the letter corresponding to their response to the question.
    • NOTE: The user should able to enter an uppercase OR lowercase letter.
  • For a fill in the blank question, the user will type their answer.  Answers may contain more than one word, so be sure to read the input correctly.  Also, the answer must be exact to be correct, however, capitalization of words should be disregarded.  Example: if the correct answer is Java, the user should be able to enter java, Java, JAVA, JaVa, etc... and still be given credit for having the correct answer.
  • Allow the user to take the quiz and show their final score.
  • Your menu for this class should follow the normal procedures for writing a user menu.
  • Your main class must be modular (i.e. you must break it into proper methods as you learned in CS2011 or no credit will be given.)