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Posted 22:17 Feb 04, 2019 |

What exactly does the 4th problem on this homework need to output? I think I have an idea of what it's output should be but I'm not quite sure.

Does it output an object with objects as the property's value?

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Posted 23:11 Feb 04, 2019 |

Yes. The Attribute Names of "output" should be the index where you found the object, and the Attribute Values should be objects that you create from the content you find in each element of your 2D array. For example, in [ [ {property: ''name", assign: "Garfield"}, {property: "owner", assign: "Jon"} ] ] our object "output" would have an attribute with the name "0" and the attribute value corresponding to "0" would be an object, which you will have to create by iterating through the objects of the 1D array.