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Posted 10:32 Dec 05, 2018 |

Hello Students,

For this project you were to create your GUI from scratch!  You are NOT allowed to use JOptionPane.  This was only to be used for the Matrix problem from the previous homework assignment since we had not yet learned how to use Text fields and Text boxes and event handling.  JOptionPane is a Swing component which was the previous GUI library prior to JavaFX.   I assumed it was clear that you were to make your own GUI, but I am stating it now for clarification.

Keenan Knaur

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Posted 11:11 Dec 05, 2018 |

Do you want us to include our own CSV file in the project folder or will you be testing our code with your own CSV?

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Posted 11:31 Dec 05, 2018 |

Please include your csv file.