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Posted 23:46 Nov 17, 2018 |

I am having trouble conceptualizing the Search part of the program. The first instruction for search is first and last name; that's easy, no confusion there. But the second instruction says "Search by Person type" but to just list. Does that mean to give the user the ability to display people by their type? Or are we searching for the type of person and name?

When it states that "Any combination of these search criteria should be able to be used to [location] a person", do we give the user all data fields for all people, employee, staff, faculty, and student to fill out for every search; or do we have them select the type of person first and then create appropriate text fields based on their person choice?

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Posted 08:44 Nov 18, 2018 |

I think what he’s asking is all of those search criteria, do like the user can just put first name only and then he will find only that or you can go more specific and look for first name and faculty etc.

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Posted 09:18 Nov 18, 2018 |

So what I want is something like this:

I can search for a person based on any or all criteria.  If I type in the last name "Smith" then it should search for all people with a last name of "Smith" and show all results.  If I do a search with "Smith" and "senior", it should list all students with a last name of smith AND a class ranking of senior.  Or I could choose just "freshman" and see a list of all freshman.  You can assume that all search will be boolean AND searches where all must be true to find results.

And as a design hint, consider that for some search criteria there are only a few set choices (i.e. class standing only has Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior, Graduate as options).  You may want to look at using a combo box (drop down menu) and limit the possibilities to only those choices.