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Posted 20:27 Nov 09, 2018 |

Are we required to have a refresh button for Problem # 1, or is it okay if we don't have one as long as we are able to return different cards when we run it?

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Posted 20:39 Nov 09, 2018 |

In order to have a refresh button we need to have covered ActionEvent and EventHandler which we will learn next week. It wouldn't hurt to start learning about it now and trying to implement it though.

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Posted 06:47 Nov 10, 2018 |

No button is necessary.  I will just rerun your program to see that it generates randomly every time. That being said, if you would like to read ahead and play around with Event Handling then please feel free to do so.  I always encourage students to experiment and try to figure out new programming techniques on their own.