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Posted 14:13 Feb 25, 2018 |

What do you think? The best (by student vote) answer or reply gets 2 Plato Dollars.

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Posted 15:30 Mar 02, 2018 |

I believe the government should redistribute wealth. However, when the government redistributes the wealth it should be in the form of public services instead of directly handing money to the needy. The public services should be focused on the low income population. This will help in two main ways: this prevents people from "abusing the system" and also opens up employment. By handing out money many people would just rely on the money to live instead of going out to work since the government will just redistribute wealth again. This would also protect people to getting themselves into trouble. According to New York Daily News, "Nearly 70% of lottery winners end up broke within seven years. Even worse, several winners have died tragically or witnessed those close to them suffer." Public services will support people who continue and look for work more effectively than those who rely completely on the public services. Having the redistributed money going to public services increases the job market because as more public services are offered more public workers will be needed. For example, having public infrastructure improved will cause an increase of jobs in construction and architecture. The government should redistribute wealth because the inequality in America has gone out of hand as the graphic below from Business Insider shows. A study in 2011 reveals the middle class and lower class (80% of the population) have only 7% of the nation's wealth. 

Image result for wealth in america

The government should redistribute the nation's wealth because the inequality in America is causing unfair advantages to the wealth with the poor and middle class have less than 10% of the nation's wealth. The best way to use the redistributed money is to fund public services to create a more equal opportunity economy.

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Posted 15:39 Mar 02, 2018 |

The government should not redistribute wealth. Redistributing wealth would be unfair to those who worked for their wealth, no matter how large or small it may be. It is similar to the authorities forcing you to give up some of your wealth to a complete stranger; you don't know who they are, if they are a good or a bad person, and what they are going to use the money for. The people should have the right to own their wealth and have the freedom to do what they please with it. Forcing the people to give up their wealth would infringe on their rights to own what they have.

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Posted 16:50 Mar 02, 2018 |

A common argument against wealth redistribution seems to be that it would be unfair to those that earned it through their own hard work. However, this argument also assumes that the wealthy earned it fairly to begin with.

Is it fair to profit off of outsourcing labor to other countries, where employees are paid fractions of a wage compared to their first world counterparts, while working in purposefully hazardous conditions, all in the name of maximizing profits?

Is it fair for company executives to "earn" grossly disproportional bonuses while at the same time laying off significant numbers of their employees?

Is it fair when policy makers and their resulting policies cater towards the wealthy because the wealthy are the only ones that can afford to pamper the policy makers?

I don't think the government should redistribute wealth as it does not tackle the underlying root of the problem. The real issue is how the wealthy amass their wealth, and all the policies in place to ensure their unfair advantage.

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Posted 17:41 Mar 02, 2018 |

Yes, Wakanda forever.

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Posted 13:45 Feb 28, 2020 |

I believe government should only distribute wealth if the people under the government's rule consent to it. As of now I find the way government distributes wealth, and its structure as a whole, to be incompetent and corrupt and thus unworthy of anyone's tax money. I wish I had the option to instead pay for another government body that I believe handles things more effectively.