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Posted 09:46 Mar 03, 2016 |

Hello Dr. Sun,

Are we suppose to do any kind of validation in application form such as field cannot be empty?

User's basic information such as first name, last name and email id are to be fetched from registration or do we need to create separate fields in the application?

Because when we fetch it from registration and if we change it in application it will be changed in registration as well.

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Posted 09:58 Mar 03, 2016 |

1. For simplicity you don't need to do validation for application form. However, you should indicate on the form which fields are required and which are optional. If we don't know if a field is required, we may leave it empty when we test your code and your code should handle it properly.

2. You should create separate fields for name, email etc. in application. As I said in class, those information may change (e.g. changing to a different email account or changing last name after marriage), so they should not be shared among applications.