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Posted 10:38 Jan 28, 2016 |

I'd like to repeat what your responsibilities are at the weekly meetings.

Come in prepared to give a mini-presentation about that week's lab problem. Assume you are talking to an audience with the sophistication of a CS 203 class. They understand what a struct is (e.g., a class without methods) and what a list is. They understand recursion and of course function calls and parameters.

Assume that Claudia, Luis, or i do not know what the lab assignment is. Your presentation should first explain what the problem is and then discuss your solution. If the problem has multiple parts explain each part separately.

If the assignment is an extension of previous work, then in explaining your solution you can say that in previous labs you wrote code that accomplished whatever it accomplished and your job this week was to extend it to do what the current lab requires. Then go on to show the new code and talk about how it fits into the previously developed code.

We should not have to prompt you to say the things discussed above. You should be prepared in advance to cover everything.

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