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Posted 13:59 Aug 04, 2015 |

hi Dr.sun

in your jobdaotest there is a @test attribute call dependsonGroups, I tested it and it works very similar to dependsonMethod.

Can you explain the difference between them?

also why you put dependsOnGroups = "UserDaoTest"? it simply make the jobdaotest not working unless i put group ="UserDaoTest" to other functions.

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Posted 15:00 Aug 04, 2015 |

dependsOnMethods only works if the methods are in the same class. dependsOnGroups is much more flexible -  you can put methods, other classes, and so on into a group.

The JobDaoTest and UserDaoTest in the CSJobs exam code are supposed to be run together where JobDaoTest depends on UserDaoTest.