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Posted 20:15 Jul 26, 2015 |


When I run my project, the front page url  is appearing with name 'springmvc'. My project name is 'csjobs' and I have made the changes wherever required (in web.xml and bean configuration file - csjobs-servlet.xml)

I dont understand why it is running with 'springmvc' name. I have googled for this and checked the other things too. And name appears as 'csjobs'.

Can anyone help me with this?



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Posted 20:26 Jul 26, 2015 |

I have the same problem. Check all the pom.xml names to be csjobs


refresh project and update maven project and commit all the changes with team synchronizing and restart eclips

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Posted 23:15 Jul 26, 2015 |

Thanks for reply. I did all this. Still not working

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Posted 23:35 Jul 26, 2015 |


Its resolved now. I did following:

Right click on tomcat server -> clean