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Posted 18:05 Jul 24, 2015 |

Why are things like list of degrees, current job title/institution/year being put in the "Application" class instead of the "User" class? Are we assuming that different applications of the same applicant can have different degrees and current job title/institution/year? I'd imagine that these things should be the same for every application of the same applicant.

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Posted 11:02 Jul 25, 2015 |

They could be different. Current job obviously changes over time. It's not a good idea to automatically update applications that were already submitted/reviewed after changing job.

Degree is more a toss-up, though I can still make the argument that some jobs may only care about advanced degrees, and some may want even high school degrees, so degrees are not the same for every application.

Ultimately it's about the tradeoff between customization and convenience. Putting them in User is better for convenience because the user doesn't need to re-enter them for every application, but putting them in Application gives the user more flexibility to customize each application. Because preparing a job application is usually a meticulous task that one doesn't do all that often, I'm leaning toward customization.

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Posted 11:04 Jul 25, 2015 |

Ah I see, thank you for the explanation!