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Posted 15:21 Jul 07, 2015 |

I am having trouble generating a ZIP file for hw2 problem 2, and is generating a WAR file instead. I have added the Maven Assembly Plugin to the pom.xml file:

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And also included the self defined descriptor file "src/assembly/config.xml":

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Yet when I run the Maven build using "package" goal and "JRE 1.8", it generated a WAR file. Please help.

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Posted 15:24 Jul 07, 2015 |

First of all, do not post complete code - doing so will be considered facilitating cheating.

Secondly, understand how plugin and goal work (see the example in the lecture notes). In particular, you need to bind a goal to a phase in order for that goal to be run during build.

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Posted 15:25 Jul 07, 2015 |

My apologies, thank you for the hint!