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Posted 19:28 Jul 01, 2015 |

Hi Dr.Sun

so I still have a little bit confusing about description of homework2

in homework2 you say we use assembly plugin to package our csjobs folders into zip format in I sucessfully did that in my csjobs/target/ folder. when we uploading to the csns do you also need the file and the src folder including its contents and the pom.xml files? or just only the zip folder we created?

another question is should this project have all our homework1 contents? If so do we put all our View(.jsp) files in the /WEB-INF/jsp/ folder instead of /WEB-INF folder? and rest of the class files (model)and servlet(control) files in /src/main/java right?

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Posted 23:03 Jul 01, 2015 |

1. You should just upload the file. I don't know what "zip folder" you are talking about.

2. No, you don't need to put any HW1 content in there. HW1 is not related to any other homework.