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First of all, please ask homework questions in the forum instead of emailing me or the TAs.

Now to clarify the requirement "The degrees must be entered one at a time...":

Because the number of degrees an applicant has is not fixed (it's not uncommon to have an applicant with multiple BS/MS degrees), the UI should allow an applicant to add as many degrees as he/she wants. A common UI design for these types of functions is like this:

Degree University Year

A user can fill out the form and click Add, and the webapp adds the degree and takes the user back to this form to add another one. If the user clicks Finish, which means the user has finished adding degrees, the application take the user to the next step. Obviously your UI design doesn't need to look exactly like this, but this is what I meant by "entered one at a time". Another way to say the requirement is that you must allow a user to add unlimited number of degrees.

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For Applicant's section, first a programmer should think about flow and then try to implement. The best way is to imagine as if you are applying for a/multiple job through some portal. 


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