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Posted 20:46 Feb 15, 2015 |

I have two questions so far: 

1)I don't know if this is the appropriate topic for this question, but why did you use a hashSet to store question choices for class ChoiceQuestion?  I assume it has something to do with AnswerIndex (column section_index), but I don't quite see it. 

2) I noticed this custom tag popping up in many of the jsp, is it important for the midterm?

<csns:help name="txtlength" img="false">Text Length</csns:help>:


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Posted 21:34 Feb 15, 2015 |

1. A List is used to store the choices. The HashSet is to store the correct solutions.  A HashSet allows us to check whether a selection is correct in constant time.

2. No, custom tags are not important.