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Posted 02:10 Apr 09, 2009 |

Hello All,

My project was working fine and I am done with my homework also. But, I was just going through code of CSNS for better understanding. I did not change a single line of code. But, now It throughClassloader exception. I don't know what is wrong, may be it is because of missing library. I tried a lot to debug this error and done all possible ways. I could not make it run. Frown I have attached captured screen with this post. Please help...

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Posted 08:05 Apr 09, 2009 |

Errors regarding "....index_jsp" usually means that you did an "ant deploy", which precompiled the JSP pages (we'll cover JSP precompilation later), and the precompiled JSP pages conflicted with the ones compiled by Eclipse.

Try an "ant clean" (either using command line or in Eclipse), refresh the project, then run the project again.

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Posted 08:10 Apr 10, 2009 |

IS 'ant clean' same as project-> clean?

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Posted 08:19 Apr 10, 2009 |
Urvashi wrote:

IS 'ant clean' same as project-> clean?

Not really. "ant clean" means running the "clean" target in the build file. You can check out the build file and see what it does.

"project->clean" will remove the files generated by the Eclipse auto build process, but I don't think it will removes the files created by the Ant builder.