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Posted 18:03 Apr 07, 2009 |

I'm not sure why but log4j is giving me an error when I run the project. Project runs fine but error is generated and no log file is written. I noticed it says the following:

log4j:ERROR setFile(null,true) call failed.



: F:\Temp\csns\csns-app.log,

but I changed the path for my CS520 folder as C:/CS520/csns.

I also noticed when I run the project, no log file is created.

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Posted 18:31 Apr 07, 2009 |

Though you have your log directory set to C:/CS520/csns in , it is not reflected in the file ../workspace/csns/build/log4j.xml

it still has the old path set to F:/Temp/csns

I think it may be due ANT

Change the path in log4j.xml file.. it should work...

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Posted 20:03 Apr 07, 2009 |

vishalmohite is correct.

To fix it, delete build/classes/log4j.xml, refresh the project (a new log4j.xml will be created), then run the project again.

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Posted 20:43 Apr 07, 2009 |

Gentlemen, thank you both, that fixed the problem.