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Posted 16:29 Apr 01, 2009 |

The campus wireless network blocks port 3690 used by Subversion, so if you try to access the repository on campus from your laptop, you have to connect your laptop to the wired network. Networks outside the campus should work just fine.

If you cannot get a wired connection (e.g. if you live in university housing), you can set up SSH Port Forwarding (Tunnelling), which will allow you to access the repository over the campus wireless network:

Download Putty from

1. Start Putty by double clicking on putty.exe.
2. Enter for Host Name (or IP Address).
3. On the left panel, expand SSH, then select Tunnels.
4. Enter 3690 for Source port, and for Destination, then click the Add button.
5. Click the Open button and login your account.

After you log onto the server using Putty, you can access the Subversion repository using the location svn://localhost/cs520/<quarter>/<username> instead of svn://<quarter>/<username>. What happens is that Putty will automatically forward the data sent to localhost:3690 to, thus allow you to access the repository.