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CS101 Introduction to Higher Education for Computer Science Majors
CS1010 Introduction to Higher Education for Computer Science Majors
CS190 BASIC Programming
CS1090 BASIC Programming
CS160 Introduction to Computers
CS1200 Living in a Technology-Based World
CS120 Introduction to Website Development
CS1220 Introduction to Website Development
CS122 Using Relational Databases and SQL
CS1222 Introduction to Relational Databases
CS201 Introduction to Programming
CS2011 Introduction to Programming I
CS202 Introduction to Object Oriented Programming
CS2012 Introduction to Programming II
CS203 Programming with Data Structures
CS2013 Programming with Data Structures
CS245 Introduction to Computer Organization, Operating Systems, and Networks
CS2445 Introduction to Computer Systems
CS332C Object-Oriented Programming with C++
CS332F Functional Programming
CS332L Logic Programming
CS3035 Programming Language Paradigms
CS312 Data Structures and Algorithms
CS3112 Analysis of Algorithms
CS386 Introduction to Automata Theory
CS3186 Introduction to Automata Theory
CS320 Web and Internet Programming
CS3220 Web and Internet Programming
CS337 Software Design
CS437 Software Engineering
CS3337 Software Engineering
CS301 Computer Ethics and the Societal Impact of Computing
CS3801 Societal and Ethical issues in Computing
CS398 Cooperative Education
CS3890 Cooperative Education
CS370 Parallel and Distributed Programming
CS4075 Concurrent and Distributed Programming
CS488 Compilers
CS4188 Compilers
CS422 Principles of Database Systems
CS4222 Principles of Database Systems
CS440 Introduction to Operating Systems
CS4440 Introduction to Operating Systems
CS470 Computer Networking Protocols
CS4470 Computer Networking Protocols
CS447 Computer Network Configuration and Management
CS4471 Computer Networks Configuration and Management
CS454 Topics in Advanced Computer Science
CS4540 Special Topics in Computer Science
CS450 Foundations of Computer Graphics
CS4550 Computer Graphics
CS451 Multimedia Software Systems
CS4551 Multimedia Software Systems
CS460 Artificial Intelligence
CS4660 Artificial Intelligence
CS461 Machine Learning
CS4661 Introduction to Data Science
CS480 Cryptography and Information Security
CS4780 Cryptography and Information Security
CS496A Software Design Laboratory
CS496B Software Design Laboratory
CS496C Software Design Laboratory
CS4961 Software Design Laboratory I
CS4962 Software Design Laboratory II
CS490 Computer Science Recapitulation
CS4963 Computer Science Recapitulation
CS499 Undergraduate Directed Study
CS4990 Undergraduate Directed Study
CS512 Design and Analysis of Algorithms
CS5112 Design and Analysis of Algorithms
CS586 Theory of Computing
CS5186 Theory of Computing
CS588 Languages and Translators
CS5188 Languages and Translators
CS520 Web Programming
CS5220 Advanced Topics in Web Programming
CS537 Advanced Software Engineering
CS5337 Advanced Software Engineering
CS590 Advanced Software Architecture
CS5390 Advanced Software Architecture
CS540 Advanced Topics in Operating Systems
CS5440 Advanced Topics in Operating Systems
CS570 Networks and Distributed Processing
CS5470 Advanced Computer Networks
CS550 Advanced Computer Graphics
CS5550 Advanced Computer Graphics
CS560 Advanced Topics in Artificial Intelligence
CS5660 Advanced Topics in Artificial Intelligence
CS580 Advanced Information Security
CS5780 Advanced Information Security
CS581 Computer and Network Security
CS5781 Computer and Network Security
CS575 Human Issues in Computing
CS5875 Human Issues in Computing
CS596 Comprehensive Examination
CS5960 Comprehensive Exam
CS598 Graduate Directed Study
CS5980 Graduate Directed Study
CS599A Thesis or Project
CS5991 Thesis or Project I
CS599B Thesis or Project
CS5992 Thesis or Project
UNIV400 Writing Proficiency Examination
UNIV4000 Writing Proficiency Examination
UNIV401 Writing Proficiency
UNIV4010 Writing Proficiency